Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


We at “Familora” are committed to keep the privacy of our visitors of utmost importance. We understand the significance of your personal information and therefore we receive and collect your information under a standardized policy. Our Privacy Policy is reviewed and revised with the passage of time. You are most welcome to check the policy occasionally to be aware about any new updates.

What Information Exactly We Collect?

When you visit “Familora”, we collect two types of information which are:

  • Any information you willingly choose to disclose to us e.g Email information
  • All the websites use information which are collected in form of Cookies

Email Information:

As a user of “Familora” you might be asked to join our newsletter by providing your email address and name. Our subscription system is secure to the core and your personal information will be saved with us. We reserve the right to contact subscribers through your email about our website. However, we intent to keep your Inbox spam free but in case you want to unsubscribe, you can do it anytime through the “Unsubscribe Link” provided in every email delivered. If you choose to correspond with us through your email, we may retain the content of the email correspondence for future references.

Website Use Information:

All the information we collect for website use is not linked to anything that is personally identifiable. Like other commercial websites, the information collected through cookies is to understand how visitors are using our website. The information collected through cookies may include date of visit, pages viewed, time spent on site, and other activities performed on our website.

Note: You can turn off “Cookies” through your web browser options

How We Use Your Provided Information:

We use your email information to correspond with our subscribers while we use website information to develop a better understanding of our visitors. Website information helps us administer our website activities in an improved way and enhance the quality of visitor’s experience. In order to help you further understand the kind of personal information that we collect from our cherished visitors and how we use it, please continue reading:

What Can Attest As Personally Identifiable Information?

This would refer to any information or knowledge that would aid in the discovery or identification of a person; information such as a fax number, phone number, address, name or business cards usually pertain to personal information. Due to legal complications, you cannot herald data that has been anonymously been collected about someone as personal information (this would refer to information that may be gathered without the knowledge of the individual in question) or demographic information for instance that would pertain to a population as opposed to a specified individual.

What Kind of Personal Information Do We Collect?

A wise question to ask! Our organization usually collects visitor’s personal information which is basic user profile information; such as the name or email address. In addition, if we have authorized customers then this permits us to gather personal information about them, such as their phone numbers, names, email addresses and home addresses, as well as the nature of their business, it’s size and information about the kind of advertising inventory that out authorized customers may desire to purchase.

Which Organizations Collect Personal Data?

Since our authorized users are linked to other organizations and businesses or websites as well, you might come across organizations such as banks, clearing houses or card companies who are usually responsible for providing credit card services, escrow services or insurance and as such they have the right to collect information on this basis from authorized customers as well as visitors. As we are a separate organization, we do not have the right to control how such third parties may choose to use your personal information, however because we are also affiliated with them thanks to our Authorized Visitors we do have the jurisdiction to ask them to disclose to us how they use personal data that they may have collected from you. Often enough, such third parties do not store or save the personal data that they have collected from you; rather they act as intermediaries who act as links in the chain of distribution.

How Is Personally Identifiable Information Used by Our Site?

Personally Identifiable Information is used by us in order to customize our website; we may use your personal data in order to be able to make appropriate service offerings and in order to sate the fulfillment of selling and buying requests that are present on the website. Very often, we also email our authorized customers and visitors about our selling, purchase opportunities or research opportunities either on our website or we may simply email our valued customers informing them about issues pertaining to our website. We may also contact our authorized customers and visitors by using personally identifiable information in response to specific inquiries that may have cropped up, or we may contact them to provide them with the information that they desired.

With Whom Personally Identifiable Information Be Shared?

On certain occasions, authorized customers may desire personally identifiable information about other authorized customers in order for a successful evaluation of potential transactions with other authorized customers to take place. Sometimes, we may provide information about our visitors that may be generalized; this would include the demographics of our authorized customers and visitors as well as with third party vendors or our affiliated agencies. We also have the legal right to choose not to be the recipient of certain information or being contacted by agencies who claim to be affiliated with us or acting on our behalf.