Copyright Policy

Copyright Policy


Familora” promotes originality and uniqueness. Our team has strict policy against copyrighted content. We respect the legitimate rights of copyright owners, their agents and representatives.

Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited other than personal and non-commercial use.

Note: Please make sure that you obey these copyright policies and do not copy any material from “Familora” else legal action will be pursued. If we found any copyright infringement, we will file a complaint with their advertising partners like Google Adsense and DMCA department of their web hosting company.

Given how we use personal information such as your email information for instance so that we can correspond with our subscribers while we use website information to ensure that a better understanding of our visitors takes place, we use our website information to help us administer our website activities in a highly improved manner and to ensure that that our visitor’s quality of experience is vastly improved. As such we will take any legal action that may be necessitated if our copyright policies are infringed and if we find that someone has been using our website’s information or that or our visitor’s in a way that could potentially harm them, us or our organization’s reputation.
In order to help you understand why it is that the personal information that we collect and note on our website is so important we will list the personal information that we collect as well as how we use it.

We generally collect our visitors’ and authorized users’ fax numbers, phone numbers, addresses, name, or business cards as they all contain information that may pertain to a person, their details, their whereabouts and the business that they may conduct. Thus you should not and will not be able to collect or herald data that has been collected in an anonymous fashion or even in fact data that has been collected with authorization as this would seriously compromise the individuals’ personal and organizational stability.

We also follow all of the redistribution rights and formalities and as such redistributing or republishing material on our site; whether it pertains to our clientele and customers who wish to make queries about some matter to using the material that has been published by our writers- such as posts or answers to the customers’ inquiries without prior permission will be held against you and you will be subject to the set punishment or penalty for said copyright infringement.

Contractually, “Familora” is responsible for protecting the works of those who are registered as employees for the company or organization and thus “Familora” will only be responsible for the posts or publication of both it’s authorized visitors and workers.


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